Spring 2015

A New Energy & Mission

Bring it!
longer days, more sunshine, warmth . . .

Many of you have probably noticed, or heard, that our wonderful little yoga studio, Le Cercle, has been, and IS currently in need of some true TLC !!!!

I recognize this is not the first email of this nature, nor is is the first attempt at this revitalization, but I am here to stand humbly behind a wonderful group of yogis who have come to me and said -WE WANT TO HELP and WE WON'T LET LE CERCLE FIZZLE!!!

SOOOOOOO . . . (drum role)

I'd like to re-inspire us all to love Le Cercle even more and begin to rebuild our collective trust in this yoga studio growing and standing strong as the FUNCTIONAL and AMAZING community studio, as I know it can be!!

For the next several months the current Le Cercle teaching staff along with the Aspen Yoga School is putting together a CONSISTENT and RELIABLE schedule of offerings with the intention of showing up, rebuilding trust, and getting the studio back on it's feet!!!!

Ultimately we know Le Cercle can be, the flourishing and incredible space that we all came to love and once again so desire!!!

I am confident in this wonderful, consistent, and trustworthy group of teachers and the high energy of the AYS team. I am confident that they WILL show up consistently and they are eager to create a vibrant space for exploring and experiencing yoga. I am CONFIDENT that this group, along with the wonderful teachers that have been consistent and trustworthy all along WILL make this happen.

Please read our new and updated


Le Cercle COMMUNITY studio
A place where new teachers, new students, experienced teachers, experienced students, people and artists of all kinds can come to offer and receive the creative, positive, health and spirit inspired gifts of community.
We will offer consistent daily yoga classes at an accessible rate in an effort to grow our student base and re-infuse our wonderful community studio with energy, fun, passion, learning and opportunity for everyone.


As the studio community begins to grow organically and with consistency, we will offer more classes, workshops, events, gatherings of all kinds.
Please bring us YOUR ideas - this place is for all of us and all of you and we are very excited about the infinite possibilities that exist for Le Cercle!
Here we go!!!!

ALL Drop- in YOGA classes will be $12
A punch pass will be $10 X the number of classes you would like to purchase - 5, 10 or 20 classes!
A monthly unlimited pass will be $88

So . . that all being said, I do ask you to come check out the changes we are making, the new schedule and the fantastic and passionate new teachers, and to give us another chance.

Thank you so much for your endless, truly endless, support and for sticking with Le Cercle all this time, particularly when it may have been incredibly frustrating!!!!

I absolutely recognize there are many other great studios, so to those of you who have stuck around and supported us time and time again - I offer you a huge thank you and deep appreciation!!!
I hope to see you very soon!

With great respect, humility, gratitude and passion,






spring schedule 2015





'Le Cercle', the circle in French, has been created in an effort to bring Basalt and it's surrounding community together.

We offer a wonderful variety of Yoga, Dance, Bhakti, Pilates Mat and Wellness Fusion classes. Equally as important, Le Cercle is a space to talk, laugh, think, create, support and challenge one another as a collective. We want Le Cercle to be about all of you. Those of you in our town that want to be more connected, to have a place to be that is positive, energetic and vibrant. With our eclectic Roaring Fork Valley full of Artists, Entrepreneurs, Thinkers and Doers...we want you to share this space to BE and to BE inspired. ON and OFF the mat.

We also believe that when possible, life is art and full of art whichever way you turn. As far as our incredible boutique - our intention is all about this:
What if your outer artistry were as beautiful as your inner existence?

Le Cercle is a place to be a support, to be supported and to challenge, cleanse, grow, re-start and re-boot. We invite everyone to come here to share and BE and beautify your inner being while allowing your outer being to be a stunning reflection.

All love and tons of gratitude in every moment.